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We understand when your phone needs repair, it can throw you into a frenzy. From your contacts and appointments, to your documents and playlists, your phone is a crucial part of your life. Whether your phone needs a screen repair, battery replacement, or has been affected by water damage, we have the parts, skills and experience to get the repair done quickly and for an affordable price.
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Quick Phone Repair & Design
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Quick Phone Repair & Design
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Quick Phone Repair & Design

Broken Phone Screen

When you drop your phone, there is a good chance that it will be broken. If something happens unawares, then accidents can happen anytime!

Screen repairs are necessary to fix the most common issues with screens. Sometimes, it’s just glass or LCD damage but not both at once!

We’ll often recommend including a diagnostic in the repair order if there is any unnoticed internal damage.

Dead Phone Battery

Poor battery performance can often cause noticeable drains. What causes this? Well, there’s no set answer to that question! But don’t worry; we offer a wide range of batteries, so be sure to check them out and get your device up and running again in no time at all.

Quick Phone Repair & Design
Quick Phone Repair & Design

Water/Liquid Damage

We have just what you’re looking for if you need a professional to help with your liquid-damaged device. Our intensive service includes cleaning and repairing any parts that may be damaged by water or other liquids, as well as offering advice on how best to proceed forward if necessary replacement isn’t an option before sending it back out into the world pristinely ready!

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